Mayimba Music Q1 Roundup

By Carlos Martin Carle

Greetings good people!  We have had quite a busy 1st quarter here at Mayimba Music and are excited to share with you the goings ons as we look forward to the Spring ahead. 

New Releases & Signings 

Romeo Santo’s latest album, Utopia, features 11 compositions co-authored by Alexander Caba and published by Songs of Mayimba (BMI) OBO Heart Soul & Guts Music.  Romeo’s Utopia, a heartfelt masterful tribute to Bachata’s greats, is currently the top Latin Album in the land (iTunes | Spotify

Mayimba is excited to announce that in addition to Vakero’s most recent release Mutacion, all of Vakero’s back catalog of over 100 works now resides with Mayimba Music (iTunes Artist Link | Spotify Artist Link).

Working with the Estate of Jef Lee Johnson, Mayimba Music has made available 8 of Jef’s solo albums as well as new compilation, Primer, focused on the legendary guitarists songwriting (iTunes | Spotify).

Dominican salsero Alex Matos is now distributed by Mayimba Music through AJD Management, a company owned by our long-time friend and Alex’s manager, Amelfis Diaz.  Listen to his latest release, Tu Ausencia, here: iTunes | Spotify

We are excited to be representing the publishing catalogs of Aventura founding member Henry Santos, Dominican Hip-Hop artist Gaudy Mercy, and producer DJ Rasuk.  Mayimba also welcomes to its fold vintage publisher Rincon Musical Publishing (works by El Chaval de la Bachata), as well as Latina Records Publishing with works by Tomás The Latin Boy.  In addition, 829Music Publishing and Mayimba recently inked a deal covering 829’s extensive urban catalog.  Among the many exciting works are those performed by La Nueva Escuela.

Additional exciting administrations are in the works. 

Continued Administrations & Operational Updates

Mayimba is proud to continue to administrate the vast (over 20K works!) and legendary catalog of J&N Publishing as well as the Premium Latin Catalog.  Mayimba CEO Marti Cuevas continues to serve as a trusted advisor on Romeo Santos’ team.  Mayimba continues to make infrastructure investments in our Vistex systems, aiding us in providing our clients gold standard collection and accounting.  Internationally, we welcome Alejandro Martinez, newly appointed President of Mayimba Music Srl, our Dominican affiliate.  Alejandro has been “family” for many years.  We are excited to have him on board to tap into his brilliance, knowledge of copyright, experience, work ethic, and utmost integrity.

It’s Our Birthday!!

Mayimba Music, Inc (publisher) was founded in 1999.  CDs were hot, teenagers shared mixtapes with crushes, and we were still a couple of years away from the first iPod with its ground breaking “1000 songs in your pocket.”  A lot has changed in the last 2 decades.  Current music business shares little with the day to day functions of the end of the 20th century.  Through all the technological advances, however, Mayimba has always kept its passion for music and dedication to do what’s right front and center.  We are thankful to enter our 3rd decade and look forward all the future has to offer.    


Mayimba Music Recuento Q1

¡Saludos, gente buena! En Mayimba Music hemos tenido un productivo Q1 y nos complace compartir con ustedes lo que hemos estado trabajando mientras miramos con optimismo la primavera que nos acerca.

Nuevos Lanzamientos y Acuerdos

Utopia, el mas reciente álbum de Romeo Santos, contiene 11 composiciones de la co-autoría de Alexander Caba y editadas por  Songs of Mayimba (BMI) , administradora de Caba y su editora, Heart Soul & Guts Music.  Utopia,  un sincero y magistral tributo a los grandes de la bachata, actualmente es el álbum latino más vendido en la tierra. (iTunes - Spotify)

Mayimba se place en anunciar que además de Mutación, el mas reciente producción musical de Vakeró, todo su catalogo histórico compuesto por más de 100 canciones, ahora forma parte de Mayimba Music. (iTunes - Spotify)

Trabajando en el legado de Jef Lee Johnson, Mayimba Music ha lanzado al mercado ocho discos de Jef Lee como solista junto a una nueva compilación titulada Primer, enfocado en las composiciones del gran artista. (jefleejohnson - iTunes - Spotify)

La música de el salsero Alex Matos es ahora distribuida por Mayimba Music a través de AJD Management, compañía propiedad de nuestra entrañable amiga, Amelfis Díaz. (iTunes - Spotify)

Además, le damos la bienvenida Henry Santos, uno de los fundadores del inmortal  grupo Aventura; ahora representamos su catalogo vía Henry Jeter Publishing. En adición a Henry Santos, Mayimba ha firmado acuerdos de edición de música con la compositora y rapera, Gaudy Mercy y el productor DJ Rasuk.

Mayimba es ahora representante de las canciones clásicas de El Chaval de La Bachata pertenecientes a Rincon Musical Publishing, al igual a Latina Records Publishing con obras de Tomás El Latin Boy. De igual manera, 829Music Publishing también se incorpora a la familia Mayimba con su vasto catalogo de música urbana que incluye temas de La Nueva Escuela entre muchos otros.

Otros trabajos administrativos están en negociaciones.  

Administration Vigentes e Informe Operacional

Mayimba Music continua con orgullo la administración del amplio catalogo de J & N Publishing y de las obras de Premium Latin Publishing. Marti Cuevas sigue siendo integrante de confianza del equipo de Romeo Santos. 

Mayimba sigue realizando importantes inversiones en nuestro sistema Vistex, el cual facilita nuestra labor y eficacia para con nuestros clientes, rindiendo una contabilidad impecable.

Nos regocija nombrar a Alejandro Martinez como presidente de Mayimba Music SRL, nuestra filial Dominicana. Alejandro ha sido parte de nuestra familia por años y nos honra contar con su experiencia, extenso conocimiento sobre los derechos de autor, ética de trabajo e implacable integridad.

¡Estamos de Aniversario!

Mayimba Music, Inc. (Publishing) fue fundada en el año1999. Los CDs estaban en pleno apogeo, los adolescentes compartían sus mixtapes y estábamos en víspera de la llegada del innovador iPod con su slogan “1000 canciones en tu bolsillo.” Mucho ha cambiado en las últimas dos décadas. Actualmente el negocio de la música comparte poco con los finales del Siglo 20.   A pesar de la evolución y los avances tecnológicos, hemos mantenido nuestra pasión por la música y dedicación por hacer siempre lo correcto. Estamos agradecidos de entrar en nuestra 3ra década y esperando con jubilo lo que el futuro nos augura.

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An Open Letter To Songwriters And Publishers

By Carlos Martin Carle

Don’t put your name on something that isn’t yours.  A most basic of statements.  A simple moral ethos that we as a society have agreed upon to insure academic, journalistic and creative integrity; and, one that the founding fathers’ codified in our constitution (Article I, section 8).

Intellectual Property protection has allowed the development, and commercialization, of Art and Science.  So far…so good…right!?  Well, then how do we as a creative community of individuals who pay the bills within this system find ourselves in our current predicament:  The widespread practice of crediting cut-in“writers” for work that is not theirs?

cut in is a person who did not author a song but is still credited as a songwriter. Why does this happen? Greed and the profit motive can always be pointed out.  However, I’ll give these cut-ins (and those who fight for cut ins) the benefit of the doubt.  In our difficult business, people (recording artists, record labels, managers) want to be compensated for making something a hit - even if that contribution is not authorship.  This quest for revenue sharing, however, is easily remedied by negotiating a share of the publishing share of a given work, among other creative revenue sharing agreements.  Mayimba had the honor of representing the catalog of one of Latin music’s most important songwriters who also happened to be a successful recording artist.  This songwriter refused to take writer credit when working as a producer/arranger and/or guest artist.  if a portion of the copyright was to be negotiated, he insisted on a percentage of the publishing.   He believed, and continues to believe, that claiming authorship without contributing lyrics or music (melody) is simply wrong.

The practice of cut-in writers is certainly not new, and one need not be a star investigator to read liner notes and make an educated guess as to who really wrote the song and who was cut in.  That superstar performer that you know is not a writer having writer credit - cut in; that record company executive’s name showing up as writer - cut in.  These practices have generally just gone un-noticed by the public.  However, this year, the practice has led to some particularly egregious situations.  ASCAP, for example, awarded the Latin Songwriter of the Year Award to a non-writer.  I can only assume that Paul Williams was not aware that this award was going to a cut in.  

This is our industry, and it’s up to us a Authors, Composers, and Publishers to impose our will on what sorts of business practices can not be tolerated.  Perhaps this is a Jerry Maguire moment, but I can not let this practice go without speaking up and voicing what every writer has been whispering.  


C. Martin Carle

Mayimba Music, Inc

New York

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