Record Label: Independent

Genre: Pop

Date Active: Since 2011

Effie Liu's music has been featured on Comedy Central's "Broad City" + Hulu's original series, "Difficult People."

(Effie Liu) "Has a stellar ability to fuse style and pop, creating a glamorous universe that is truly all her own." -- Galore

There’s a place far away where the planets are lava and the sea is still blue — from here comes a girl born with pink hair and and a dedication to honest self expression.

A shy and wonderfully curious child, Effie Liu was classically trained on the piano, which greatly pleased her traditional parents. But before the clock struck midnight on her sixteenth year, Effie bid Mozart adieu in search of more alternative tastes — Hole, Blondie, and No Doubt.

Quentin Tarantino’s iconic film Kill Bill inspired Effie’s ultimate muse and influenced her final decision to embark on a quest for glitter and find a more fulfilling life. She set off for the magical city of New York, clutching a suitcase packed full of dreams. With one walk down the graffitied streets of the Lower East Side, Effie knew for certain this was her kingdom.

Effie’s signature and authentic sound developed into something energetic and dynamic – an optimal meshing of hip-hop influences and electronic-pop.
Effie, formerly known as Bebe Panthere, has managed to put her solo career on the map with placements in MTV Iggy, Earmilk, Pigeons & Planes, and more.

Currently Effie Liu is leading the way visually and creatively – hard at work on her upcoming project. Her next single, “Wings on Fleek” - a girly anthem about eyeliner - is expected for release in Spring 2015.

Magenta Agenda

Magenta Agenda

Produced by Woodro Skillson and Dahlquist, "Getaway" is a bombastic, tropical island infused swig of pop that mixes breezy vocals and balearic bounce before going down smooth like an island breeze fated to take you away. "'Getaway' was born after a House of Cards binge. I was sitting in my living room afterwards thinking to myself how easy it is to find parallels in reality after watching a show like that. I think sometimes we get consumed by our issues and I just want to say that it's okay to ask for help!" - via Complex