Website: EDDY K

Record Label: Mayimba Music

Genre: Urban/Reggaeton

Date Active: 2001

Eddy-K was at the beginning a duo with "Eddy" (Eduardo Mora Hernández) and "K" Leyden. In August 1998 the singer of rap music "Jorgito" (Jorge Francisco Hernández Carvajal) joined them.

Kleidis left the band a little time after. The band became larger after with the arrival of the singer "Deep Drama" (Damian Aguirre Perez) in 2000, and "DJ Tony" (José Antonio Suárez Torres) in November 2001.

They made the music of the television show of Cuban television "La Otra Geografía, did a world tour with "La Charanga Habanera y Las Voces de Cuba" (Vania, Osdalgia & Halia) (in the place of Halia), and did the first part of the concert of Don Omar in Cancún.

One of their more known songs is La Habana me queda chiquita, a remake of the band of timba Pachito Alonso y su Kini Kini, with Christian and Rey Alonso.

The song Aquí están los cuatro has become number 3 in the "hit-parade" of the American magazine "Latinos Unidos".

During 2006, the group released a number of songs, including two duets with other Cuban artists -

Entrale, with the Cuban diva Haila, and
Llegate, with Charanga Habanera.
In early 2008, Eduardo Mora and DJ Tony left Cuba and resettled in Miami. Damian and Jorgito have since gone on to form a new group in Cuba, known as Los 4 (Los Salvajes).

Mora has continued using the "Eddy K" name. Later on 2010 he started working with Music Producer/Artist Sharo Torres and right away they started producing what is now known as his latest production called "CubanStyle". Eddy K is planning to release a new production on 2012 called "La Academia" which is expected to be done on the summer of 2012 with multiple collaborations with Puerto Ricans Artists and more.

Ojala que fueses tu

Ojala que fueses tu

Eddy K has been making moves on the Cubaton scene in Miami since he arrived in Florida from his native Cuba. 

On his newest single, "Ojala que fueses tu," Eddy enlisted his main producer Sharo Torres + prolific songwriter Guianko Gomez to collaborate on this uplifting track that will keep you in a Cuba/Miami state of mind even when the temperature begins to drop.

Apple Music has included "Ojala que fueses tu" in their "The New Cuba" playlist as well as on their "The A-List: Música Tropical." You can get right in with the video below which was shot in Cuba.