Daniel Santacruz

Website: www.danielsantacruz.com

Record Label: Independent

Genre: Bachata

Date Active: 1996

Daniel Santacruz’s hybrid ancestry speaks to the immigrant spirit of America - his father Cuban, his mother, Dominican, and Danny born in New Jersey. His family relocated to the Dominican Republic when he was a toddler, and there he discovered his musical roots and truly fell in love with the exotic sounds of Quisqueya. Music was omnipresent in his extended family where mostly everyone played or sang, or both. His maternal grandmother was a pianist, and his mom, when Danny was very young, would serenade him with classic “boleros” from the Latin American songbook, and conduct mock interviews with the budding artist, recording them on a portable tape recorder. His father, also a fanatical lover of music, introduced him to classical music and American music of the 50s and 60s.

In 1996, Danny was already performing with various popular groups in the Dominican Republic. It was then that he discovered his aptitude for musical composition, spurring him to purchase his first guitar. During this period, he was a first call studio singer, performing background vocals as well as lead vocals on jingles. He worked with Manuel Tejada, one of the foremost musical producers of the era, and an icon in the Dominican Republic. In 2000 Daniel performed with Juan Luis Guerra’s church choir, where he remained for 2 years.

In 2003 Daniel launched his debut record as soloist. “Por Un Beso” was nominated for a “Premio Lo Nuestro” in the category of the year’s New Artist. His second album, “Radio Rompecorazones” was nominated for two Latin Grammies, and his third album, “Bachata Stereo,” was nominated once again for a Latin Grammy. His fourth album, “Lo Dice La Gente” contains the megahit, “Lento,” and his most recent release, a tribute to Emmanuel, “Toda La Vida” is nominated in 2017 for a Premio Lo Nuestro as Contemporary Tropical Album of the year.

Incredibly, Daniel has achieved landmark success, developing a solid career and international acclaim without the benefit of a record label or investor.

As a performer, Santacruz has successfully enticed a growing fan base in multiple Latin American countries, in particular Argentina where the artist boasts concerts full to capacity. In Europe his popularity is on the upswing with frequent performances in Spain, Italy, France, Russia and beyond. With the release of the Kizomba “Lento,” Danny exploded in Portugal; this song, which spread exponentially throughout Europe and Latin America, has been covered and remixed ad infinitum. At present the song has more than 40 million views on YouTube, and its incredible acceptance is reflected in a steady flow of income from around the world.

Apart from being an accomplished, soulful singer with a honey-toned voice, Daniel is also a recognized, high profile songwriter with more than a dozen ASCAP Awards, Billboard Awards and Premios lo Nuestro, among others. Songs composed by Daniel have been covered by Shakira, Prince Royce, José Feliciano, Leslie Grace, Monchy & Alexandra, Tito Rojas, Héctor Acosta, Reik, Manny Cruz, Milly Quezada, Frank Reyes, MDO, Wason Brazobán, Eddy Herrera, Domenic Marte, Andy Andy, among others.

Verdad O Reto

Verdad O Reto

Newest single from Latin-Grammy nominated songwriter, Daniel Santacruz.